Portfolio Overview

Maypro offers a full line of commodity and proprietary branded ingredients.

Commodity Ingredients

Look to Maypro as your go-to source for the highest-quality commodity dietary ingredients at the most competitive pricing. Maypro operates multiple global warehouses stocked with over 100 raw materials ready to ship at a moment’s notice. We carry a range of nutritional ingredients appropriate for use in natural cosmetics, functional foods/beverages, nutritional supplements, pet foods and sport nutrition products, as well as pharmaceutical ingredients appropriate for ingestible and topical applications.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’ll find it. Our commanding global presence, combined with strategic partnerships forged over three decades, allows us to source ingredients from anywhere in the world.

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Proprietary Branded Ingredients (PBI)

Maypro has a long history of being a pioneer. Years ago, we were the first to introduce to the US market many of the nutritional ingredients that are now common household names, such as CoQ10, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Today, we continue to be on the forefront of nutritional science by introducing innovative technologies and proprietary branded ingredients that are not available anywhere else.

Each of our proprietary branded ingredients is backed by a portfolio of original human clinical studies, illustrating our dedication to providing the most efficacious raw materials to the nutritional products marketplace. We are pleased that our commitment to scientific excellence has been recognized with four NutrAwards by the NEXT™ Innovation Summit™ (formerly Nutracon): AHCC® in 2002, Oligonol® in 2008, VitaPQQ® in 2010, and L-92 in 2016.

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Pet Health & Nutrition

Maypro is not only dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients to humankind, but we are also committed to being the premier source of ingredients for animals. As a part of this commitment, the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) has recognized Maypro as one of the industry’s preferred suppliers. The NASC is a non-profit independent industry organization that works to address the quality and regulatory needs of the animal health and nutritional supplement industry. Maypro’s status as a NASC preferred supplier is representative of our goal to meet the highest standards of quality for ingredients made especially for our four legged friends.

Commodity Ingredients for Pet Health and Nutrition

Maypro offers a wide variety of all-natural commodity ingredients appropriate for use in pet health and nutrition products in accordance with all your labeling needs. To download a list of these ingredients, please click here.

Proprietary Branded Ingredients for Pet Health Supplements

Maypro’s offerings also include a collection of NASC-approved proprietary and branded ingredients that are efficaciously aligned to meet the needs of the animal health sector. For more information, please download our brochure. 

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“Hot” Ingredients:  Tracking the Media and Taking Positions

Maypro constantly stays abreast of conditions that may cause ingredient shortages, such as market trends, crop shortfalls and media-driven spikes in consumer demand. Once we learn of a possible ingredient shortage, we can move quickly to bring extra material into inventory. Because Maypro stays one step ahead of the game, our customers enjoy a steady supply of hard-to-find ingredients, allowing them to seamlessly meet consumer demand.