Working with Maypro

10 Reasons to Choose Maypro


1. Expertise You Can Rely On

The Maypro management team is comprised of experts. Each division manager is respected and qualified in his or her own field. This responsive group also reflects the cultural diversity required to do international business in the expanding global market. Language is never a barrier at Maypro.

2. A Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Maypro is a “yes” company. We say “yes” to small orders. We say “yes” to tracking down obscure ingredients. We say “yes” to delivering product to every part of the world. That means there is almost no material we can’t supply to our manufacturers, no matter how much they need or where they are located.

3. Opening the Doors to a Global Supply Chain

Because we’ve been building global bridges for over 35 years, Maypro can get materials to any market in any part of the world — cost-effectively and in less time than our competitors. We know the ins and outs of governmental regulations, the intricacies of traffic control and how to navigate unique cultural differences in order to make sure our product gets delivered to the right place at the right time.

4. Sourcing Hard-to-Find Ingredients

Having a hard time finding an ingredient? Maypro can help. Thanks to our  exceptional sourcing capabilities, we can track down hot items mentioned by influential thought leaders in the media — whether that’s Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract or raspberry ketones — as well as ingredients that are simply in short supply. We also have good positions with flagship ingredients such as creatine, CoQ10, glucosamine, chondroitin and fish oil, so you’ll never be left out in the cold.

5. Uncompromising Quality

Maypro is committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients. Our strategy is to find a single, high-quality manufacturer of a given ingredient and source from them exclusively to ensure quality, consistency and complete traceability. As a leading supplier of specialty ingredients from Japan, India, China and Latin America, we regularly audit all of our manufacturing partners’ facilities and run analytical tests using reputable third-party testing facilities.

6. Competitive Pricing

Since we purchase in very large volumes and distribute our products all over the globe, Maypro is able to obtain the most competitive pricing in the world — which guarantees a cost savings to our customers. As a result, our prices are equal to — or better than — what our customers would pay if they sourced each ingredient directly from the manufacturer.  

7. Insider Access to Market Intelligence

With operations in the US, Japan and China, and relationships in hundreds of markets across the world, Maypro has its finger on the pulse of global trends. We can help our customers stay one step ahead of the product development curve by alerting them of developments coming from one market to another. The Maypro team will always keep our customers abreast of new product trends.

8. Reliable Supply

When an ingredient is in short supply, Maypro can quickly buy it in volume. So when there are ingredient shortages, we’re often the go-to company. The Maypro team is constantly investigating the market in order to make quick and well-informed purchasing decisions that will benefit our customers.

9. Experience in Risk Management

International business is full of risks related to quality, shipment, payment, currency exchange and many other unexpected challenges. Our customers and suppliers have constant peace-of-mind knowing that the Maypro team is fully experienced in international risk management and takes a proactive approach to minimizing negative risk in order to protect our customers’ and suppliers’ interests.

10. Value-added Services

At Maypro, our job doesn’t stop with getting you the highest-quality ingredients at the lowest-possible price. We take it upon ourselves to boost consumer and retailer awareness of the ingredients we sell in order to increase demand for the finished products you make. That’s why we support our proprietary, branded ingredients with PR, TV and radio campaigns, consumer articles, original research, staff trainings and literature development.